The first project : Drone Rice “Retort cooked rice” for sale

Marketing will promote to ecologically-aware consumers around the glove where demand of Japanese rice is expected.

For preservation of pesticide/chemicals-free rice faming, we purchase from producers on fair price for sale.
Our business profit will be used to enhance the functionality of DJ agri-service “Drone Rice”, leading to visualization of agri-artisan’s technique and will.In addition, Drone education system will support the Japanese rice faming in developing nations.

Scan the QR code, and you can enjoy the broadcasting attraction (field scenery, growth condition, farmer’s passion) from Drone.

DJ needs more sales partner = supporter/provider for “Retort cooked” Drone Rice produced in 2016 (Limited to a single company per nation)



Please see Drone Japan website for details of DJ agri-service platform.