Drone Rice is produced from Drone-assisted farming which provides ecosystem protection and pesticide / chemicals-free cultivation harmonious with nature through the visualization by Drone.
※ Drone Rice is a registered trademark of Drone Japan.

Passion toward Drone Rice

Drone Rice project Mission

Drone Rice project Introduction Video

How to eat & Make Drone Rice Ball

How to eat
  • 1.Open a film a bit on lower left edge
  • 2.Put a drone rice on microwave
  • 3.Set 600W & 2 Minutes & Start
  • 4.Pick up a drone rice
  • 5.Open a film fully
  • 6.This is it! & Taste it, Drone Rice.

Make Drone Rice Ball
  • 1.Prepare a laver/seaweed Cut it by hand like this size
  • 2.Get your hands wet by pure water
  • 3.Pick up salt a bit with your fingers
  • 4.Let drone rice cool for 5 minutes more
  • 5.So You are ready to put rice on hands!
  • 6.Put half from packed drone rice on your hands
  • 7.Mold rice 4 times like this firmly
  • 8.Wrap it with dried laver/seaweed
  • 9.This is it! & Taste it, Drone Rice Ball ("Onigiri")